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There are those who say that agencies and marketing is dead or dying, we think that is not true. In fact it is just the opportunities and the way agencies must respond that is changing. I have been a part of building one of the most successful agency offerings in the Western US. This was an agency that really defined what it was to be an integrated agency. As CEO of Young & Rubicam Brands and Regional Director for Wunderman I have had the privilege of working with several great brands. Some of which are: Land Rover, Jaguar, Virgin America, Southwest Airlines, Callaway Golf, XBOX, Disney Stores, Oakley, Mattel, Hilton Hotels, DoubleTree Hotels, SONY and more.

The number one thing that has catapulted these brands above the rest is their focus on customer experience. This is where the modern agency model and brand must focus? It starts with a meaningful connection. Whether you are an agency or a brand we can help you be better prepared with strategies and tools to help you win in today's marketplace.



I am a very curious person. In particular I have always been interested in the WHY more than the WHAT. Why does one car, one team, one brand with roughly the same potential win while others do not?  In marketing what forces and actions, when seen as a forest, not just trees, reveal fantastic connections and stories. Curiosity about brand history and provenance, their tangible and intangible high-points, their livery, and their creators and bearers AND THEIR EXPERIENCE all fascinate me. The overriding conclusion for was the difference in preparation, I have been Chief Strategy Officer and Executive Planning Director at small creative boutiques as well as large offices of global agency networks, and always try to bring the importance of preparation to the team.

My client experience includes Unilever, Nestle, Honda, Hyundai, Dell, Southwest, TurboTax, Kaiser Permanente, So. Cal Edison, Callaway Golf and Yakult. Each of these brands’ success was largely driven by preparation. Inspiring and Guiding clients to be best prepared for challenges and opportunity is what I have enjoyed most in my career. That is why I co-created The Loyalty Consultants, a belief that brand preparation  is the key element to marketing brilliance.