SCE: A Case Study

Opportunity: Preparing to Win by Selling Less


SCE was one of the largest energy providers and distributors in the world. They could count on energy usage going up every year. Growth was the problem however. There was no desire to have powerplants built in established communities. They only way to succeed was to get consumers to consume less. Managing your energy with technology was coming and, in many ways, here already. Rebates, tax credits and many other incentives were in the pipeline. SCE had to shift their whole brand and marketing approach from utility to energy transformation partner.

How we help them be prepared: We started with a whole new philosophy to create a new culture, the people of SCE had to get the religion to make this work. We create a new brand line:

“More Powerful Together”

This was the line of sight that they move forward with both internally and externally, it helped in how they bundled programs to preference and ability of people to conserve. The main point was that everyone could do one thing. Didn’t matter big or small doing something was what mattered. It was represented in neighborhood compliance programs and having neighbors take influence from each other. We took the message mobile with a more experiential program that used apps and actual mobile experience centers. The new branding was extremely successful netting an overall reduction in energy usage to eliminate the need to build a new power plant in the foreseeable future.

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