TaylorMade: A Case Study

The Opportunity: Preparing a Multi-Segment Leader To Become a Total Leader


TaylorMade has become the leader in golf equipment, in innovation and sales. They are THE current best designed golf equipment system in the world, continually holding the number one position for drivers, woods and irons in play, and played by more tour winners. Yet their golf balls continu to follow, a distant 4th or 5th place vs. their competition in terms of sales and use. They needed a way to bring the success of their clubs to their golf ball lines. Balls matter, it is what score with, it is the equipment that is in every shot played. While a golfer buys a few clubs each year they buy hundreds of golf balls. Most golfers feel their performance is tied to the ball they use. This was an opportunity to gain thousands of brand choices to TaylorMade, for balls and the greater brand.

How we helped them be prepared: TaylorMade was renowned for its engineering prowess. The science and technology that went into designing their clubs is the same that designed their golf balls, yet the equity and preference transfer was not happening. The big insight was that everything about successful golf was being harmony – with the course, your game, your swing and then surely your equipment too? This was a harmony opportunity that was not recognized in the marketplace because few players thought to pair products together. This equilibrium favored Titlest and other ball brands and did not favor TaylorMade who was number in clubs uses. In essence an intellectual idea triggered by common sense, “why wouldn’t you play the ball designed to be in harmony with the clubs you play?” TaylorMade wanted this to change and looked for a new agency to change things, we helped the agency to pitch and win TaylorMade Golf Balls with a strategy highlighting this Harmony of Engineering that goes into all the TaylorMade products. The whole line was designed and actually engineered and tested to play better together. It was time to tell this story with confidence and not let the status quo alone. It was the winning strategy that showcased the idea that was brought together in a single marketing idea

The TaylorMade Performance System