NuVision: A Case Study

The Opportunity: Preparing A Financial Services Brand For A New Future


From a founding as a credit union that served Southern California aerospace, through 80 years of growth and acquisition NuVision had gotten bigger. But the brand had lost its ‘reason’ and therefore it emotional connection to its members. By 2015 in the new financial services landscape NuVision was not able to exploit its strengths, as well weaknesses in the category. To compete successfully NuVision needed to be ready for what was next. We helped to redefine and reenergize the brand’s purpose to become more meaningful, to more people; and for NuVision to stand out as a hero in a banking services category that had very few.

How we help them be prepared: We started with where they had come from and where they wanted to go. In this excavation of re-discovering what made NuVision special to people, the powerful benefit and role of what NuVision played for people it was clear the story was not just showcasing new products. NuVision was not in the banking business, they were in the building business, the life building business. So, we helped them create a new brand idea that celebrated their heritage yet had eternal connection with working people who knew what it meant to work at building something. This idea helped NuVision prepare to grow through acquisition, winning new customers and growing existing relationships. This new brand idea guided the development of new financial tools, services and the overall customer experience. All inspired by the purpose helping their member's, build their lives. This was all brought together in their new brand line.

NuVision: For The Life You Build

There was a lovely harmony in the idea in that we had helped NuVision prepare for its success with an idea that was grounded in helping people prepare for their own life success.