DishFish: A Case Study

Opportunity: Preparing A Challenger to Challenge A Goliath.


Hand-held cleaning tools, sponges and cloths, have not had any real innovation in decades. What Dyson did to vacuum cleaners and Swiffer to mops and dusting DishFish could do to its category. But obstacles lay in the way; one major brand dominates the retail aisle with over 50% share and the category had a commodity dynamic. So breaking on the scene with a new technology that easily could get marginalized in a highly commoditized category meant DishFish although goldfish sized in budget and distribution had to act like a Great White Shark. There was a need to create attention at all points but most importantly prepare DishFish to ‘pop’ in the aisle where the purchase choice was made out of habit.

How we helped them be prepared: DishFish is genuinely a better product and across the attribute spectrum – it cleaned better, cleaned more, cleaned faster and stayed cleaner, this we coined “total clean”. This rare product superiority needed to be captured in such way as to create a brand persona that had the consumer thinking what they currently were using was just good, not great. And we wanted people to like DishFish, bond with it. We wanted to be THE brand in a category of commodities. We began with positioning the brand to act and feel like a category leader. We focused on a highly visual differentiation through the creation of an animated personification of the product and its new position, “Experience a Tenacious Clean”. Data showed that once a person tried the product they were highly willing to change their existing brand choice to DishFish, so we helped to position the strategy to drive and create a trial experience based on the character and performance promise.  As Dish Fish continues to expand in retail, online and traditional, the little DishFish is shaking up the seas in which it swims with record breaking sales