AT&T: A Case Study

Opportunity: Preparing for a Leadership Role in Entertainment Loyalty


AT&T was in transition, no longer just a Telco, they were now an emerging entertainment brand. But this was very new territory, where a company was both content and distributor of entertainment products. A completely new customer loyalty experience was in order. We helped their agency to craft a new strategy on benefits for their customer recognition through their AT&T Thanks program.

How we helped them be prepared: The entertainment customer wanted more of their entertainment experience not just minutes and discounts. This took more than just a new list of benefits, we had to rewrite the strategic interactions with customers as they themselves evolved through this transformation. As customer became more comfortable with engaging their entertainment on mobile devices AT&T had to be there cheering them on and encouraging this behavior. We helped to shape the program to compete in a whole new category some of it against the status quo of their existing model and address their loyal customers as they were changing to becoming new entertainment consumers. The new program not only offered benefits from engagement with entertainment, they actual were designed to enhance the increase their benefit of the customer experience as a whole.

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